Why TailQuest Defence?

I found this game on the Linux Gaming subreddit and quickly added it to my wishlist. I always try to support games from subreddits I follow, saving them for later. This game reminded me of Dungeon Defenders, a game I played a lot in the early 2010s. I really like tower defense games. My therapist told me to add more fun to my life, so I bought this game on a whim.


I have to be honest, the story didn't really catch my interest. I understand the basic idea, but I can't remember the names of the characters or creatures. You play as a creature, and your task is to stop other creatures using plants with different colors. The enemy creatures want to take your young ones, and you're the only one stopping them.

Audio & Video

The sound and graphics in the game are nothing special. But they don't get in the way of playing, which is good for parts that aren't too flashy. Still, the visuals are pretty cute. I really like how all the moving parts are designed. Overall, the graphics are just okay, nothing amazing.

Gameplay Mechanics


TailQuest is a third-person tower defense game. You build towers along a set path for the enemies. Beating these enemies gives you gold to upgrade and build more towers. There are only two types of enemies, each with three kinds: standard, fast, and strong. Your towers are plants, and you can only put them in certain spots. You can also plant seeds in the ground as landmines in two colors, which explode when touched. Apart from towers and bombs, you have an attack where you jump and hit the ground to hurt enemies. The higher you jump from, the more damage it does. Each map has hidden secrets that can give you gold and free plants.

Controls & Camera

The controls make the game less enjoyable. The camera is part of the problem because it's connected to the control issues. Your character can't jump high because of the ground pound move. This often makes you get stuck on the terrain, as the jumps aren't high enough. Moving the character feels slippery and light, which doesn't work well for this game. You have to be precise when choosing towers and using items. But sliding past them or trying to use two items that are close together can be frustrating.

Replayability & Final Thoughts

These points are usually separate, but for this game, they fit together. There's little reason to play again after you finish it once. Nothing new opens up after you beat the game. You can try to get three stars on each map, but you might do that on your first try. I'd say skip this game. If you've played tower defense games before, this won't bring anything new. But for young players or those new to the genre, it might be worth a shot.

Should you complete TailQuest Defence?

You can get all the achievements in one playthrough. It seems like they were added just because most games have them. As someone who likes to complete everything, I wouldn't go after this game on purpose. But if you already have it, it's an easy way to up your 100% game completion stats.

Stats Gallery


Steam games page of what my status looked like when I completed the game.