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Social media sites have attempted to isolate us on their platforms, creating profit through hostile engagement. We don't need to live by their rules.

This site originally existed to suppliment my video game backlog, but has evolved into an all-purpose blog. Check out all I have to offer using the navigation bar. ^o^

Recent Blog Posts

One Year In Canada - Posted 15 October 2023

Void talks about their first year in Canada, and the amazing friends they've made.

My first blog post on the new site! - Posted 6 April 2023

Void talks about the past, present, and future of the website, and asking what creativity is.

Recent Game Review

TailQuest Defense - Completed on 12 November 2023

In attempt to support developers who support Linux gaming, I stumbled across a cute little indie tower defense game.

Killing Floor 2 - Completed on 23 October 2023

With the original Killing Floor out of the way, and Killing Floor 3 on the way, it's time to finish what I started.

Killing Floor - Completed on 06 October 2023

After an eight year break, it was time to finally put an end to the Patriarch.

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